U.S. south 1: Forth Worth (Texas)

Texas style

Forth worth was on our itinerary only because our plane happen to land there – otherwise we wouldn’t include it in our trip because we have never even heard of it. And what a shame that would be.

Texas has a certain western-cowboy sound to it but other than Forth Worth I didn’t really see them trying too hard to connect with that. Forth Worth was an exception.


Downtown on a lazy Sunday afternoon

They have a nice and modern downtown, similar to all the other downtowns across the US. Clean, peaceful (maybe because it was Sunday) and meeting all the southern cities requirements – a main square with a water fountain (the sprinkler type) where kids can cool off in the summer heat.

Oh yes the heat! If you are heat sensitive – choose any other season but summer. It’s like an oven (and if you can read this, you are obviously not a turkey).

One of the “refreshing” centre squares

Forth Worth also has a completely other side of town that couldn’t be more different – the Stockyards. It’s a part of town dedicated to the old style Texan life: cowboys, honkytonking, longhorn cows and old saloon style buildings. Even if it’s all just a tourist show – it really takes you back to the past. Everything is old stye, including the restaurants and shops full of cowboy hats, boots and other souvenirs.


Taking cows for a walk.

And yes.. They have a rodeo show every Friday. If you are an animal activist – don’t go. If you are not – go. The atmosphere was amazing. (No animal was killed or harmed, but they still poke them a little just for your fun so I guess it’s not very pleasant for the animals.)

Twice a day they move a herd of longhorn cows from one part of the main street to the other – with cowboys on horses and with whips and everything. It’s just a show for tourists but it’s still a good show.

The Stockyards are definitely the thing to see. And in the evening you can go dancing to the most famous honky tonk joint in Texas – Billy Bobs. We came in a little early so we had to pay a small entrance fee (if you come at the evening there is no fee, because you supposedly came to party, but the early birds like us who come during the day are more or less just “sight seeing” so they charge a fee). It’s a big bar, lots of lights and decorations – everything in style of course. Even though we were just the “sight seeing” tourists, we sat down for a drink and later danced alone on an almost empty dance floor. That was really nice. We should have stayed longer in Forth Worth.  

Supposedly they have a really nice Botanical garden pretty close to downtown, but we just didn’t have the time for that (we were playing cowboys in Stockyards too long and kind of ran out of time for many other things that Forth Worth has to offer.)

Forth Worth turned out to be the full package – everything you want to see in Texas.


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