U.S. south 2: Austin & San Antonio (Texas)


The capital of Texas has a weird reputation. Literally. Their slogan is “Keep Austin weird.” All the weirdness was avoiding us I guess, and we weren’t exactly trying too hard to find it either. We had a bit of misfortune on this part of our big road trip through the South of the US. We got some food poisoning (yes, here in Austin) and it kind of ruined our Austin and San Antonio experience a bit.

Austin Capitol downtown
Austin from the Capitol window

Before our “running” troubles started, we took a day tour of Austin’s downtown. After a short walk through the streets, we decided it was too damn hot to be outside. We went to the city capitol to cool of and lucky us – a tour was just starting, so we joined in. (The tours are free :).)

It’s a very impressive building and since everything is bigger in Texas – they made a special effort to beat the White house in Washington in height. Supposedly every US state’s capitol should be faced in the direction of the White house – but Texans had a better idea. Let’s show them our ass. And they did. Austin capitol is faced in the opposite direction of Washington and therefore showing them their ass. These tours can sometimes be so rewarding.

The cooling of was successful and we were able to walk through the city a little bit more. My husband (who is a big gourmet) located a well known chef who recently started a barbecue business. The best ribs in town, he said. The place was a food truck with no toilets or running water to wash jour hands. And ribs are eaten by hands. We should have known better. That was a lesson well learned. In the evening, when we were supposed to go out on 6th street, where the non-stop party and live music is – my husband was camping in our motel toilet . As a woman, it took me a little longer to properly absorb all the bacteria and I didn’t get sick until we reached San Antonio two days later.

music Austin guitar statue
Austin is also known as the “live music capital of the world”.

So the next day, he was all sick and useless for any sight seeing and I was still full of energy (not knowing that my guts are just preparing the big attack). I took my excess energy shopping to the nearest shopping mall. Since I don’t like driving in those 6 lane highways, we agreed he picks me up a few hours later. He had quite a fever that day and that resulted in a couple of really close calls on the road and a grinding sound of our rented car chassis rubbing on a concrete block. Thankful that nothing really bad happened, we decided to leave Austin and head further south to San Antonio.

San Antonio

Due to some really heavy rain, we were constantly getting alarms of flash floods on our mobile phones. The road was more suitable for boats than cars.

San Antonio riverwalk

We were very happy to arrive in sunny San Antonio downtown. The Riverwalk is an absolute top attraction here. Cafes and restaurants below street level, following the river are a world of it’s own. Pure romance.

fortress San Antonio
The Alamo

The fortress of Alamo was our next stop, but where the brave Texas soldiers fought for their independence from Mexico, that’s where I collapsed. Texans were defeated by Mexico at the Alamo and I was defeated by my own body. A short recovery at our motel was needed and I was good to go (more or less). We decided to try our luck in downtown again but as soon as we parked the car, the rain started pouring and flash flood alarms stared coming in every half an hour. We sought refugee in a nearby shopping mall, because no umbrella was big enough for that doom’s day weather.

San Antonio rain
Pouring rain at the shopping mall on riverwalk

Shopping mall was nice (I’m a woman, what can I do), especially the bottom floor with food court right on Riverwalk.

There was nothing else to do but leave Texas to it’s crazy weather and head east to Louisiana.

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